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For those of you that read my blog, you may have gotten down right tired of the intermittent, almost nonexistent posting as of late. Well, let me  be candid….first of all I struggle with the technical aspects of this blog. I mean, I am still dumbfounded that people blog FOR FUN. In addition to that very KEY issue, as with everything, life can often move so quickly and in so many unexpected ways, that it is almost like getting windburn.  When I began my blog, I really had no idea what I wanted to focus on. I knew I loved food and cooking. I knew I had acquired great knowledge via my E-Cornell program. I sort of fell into a recipe blog type format and had a blast playing with taking regular food and making into yummy and healthy dishes. Concurrently, I began working with a few clients and my skill set sort of morphed into teaching cooking classes as well. All of this was going on while I flew as a flight attendant, and commuted from Boca Raton, Fl to Atlanta for work. I love Atlanta. I am  Georgia girl, and the vibe here fits me like a pair of comfy, ratty sweat pants worn on a rainy day while watching old movies at home. Also, Atlanta has a fantastic scene of local, artisan foods and restaurants. My time in Boca always felt forced and awkward. The people there are beautiful and sleek. No ratty sweat pants allowed. I also began working at the Peachtree City Farmer’s Market with an old friend.

I hit my groove there, and began making awesome kombuchas, kefirs, and my pride and joy…my lentil clusters. I’ll just cut right to the chase now….I left Boca for good, no hard feelings, we both just agreed we love our lives where they are, not where one of us is and the other hates it. I began negotiations to take my lentils retail, and am very very close to that becoming reality. Sadly, my old friend and I have had a falling out. I am very very sad. Perhaps in time things will clear. But the Farmer’s Market was her venture, and I just started there with her mainly as a support and she hit her groove too. So, once again, I am in transition. But that’s ok.  Things always have a way of working themselves out. I also tore a muscle in my back, and have been in physical therapy. This has meant I am not flying, but am working hard on my lentils.

For all of you that look for me every week for the kombucha, kefir and lentils……I am reworking my website and will soon have in place an online order platform. You will be able to order and I will have a specific day that I will deliver. I so appreciate having you as my customers and am gratified that my products provide benefit to you. In the interim, you may contact me via email and I will happily respond.

I will soon be posting on yummy food recipes again. I have been cooking a lot, but too busy to take pictures and now I am going to slow down and breathe. I have a few clients that have experienced dramatic health turn arounds and that is so fulfilling. I have a current client that I am actually cooking for like a traveling chef. I will begin posting pictures soon of these meals. This client owns the ridiculously cute dog featured in my post. Emma helps me cook and leave the meals for her “dad”.

I am no sage or philosopher. But I do know that this too shall pass, and the other end will be great. Life is just experiences. It’s our responses or thoughts about them that deem them good or bad.

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